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National Tournament Videos

2017 National Tournament and Convention:

2017 Prose Interpretation Showcase:

2017 Dramatic Duo Interpretation Showcase:

2017 Dramatic Interpretation Showcase:

2017 Informative Speaking Showcase:

2017 Impromptu Speaking Showcase:

2017 Extemporaneous Speaking Showcase:

2017 Persuasive Speaking Showcase:

2017 Parliamentary Debate Finals:

2017 Communication Analysis Showcase:

2017 Top Student Scholarship Speaker:

2017 Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony:

2016 National Tournament and Convention:

2016 Program Oral Interpretation Showcase:

2016 Poetry Interpretation Showcase:

2016 Dramatic Interpretation Showcase:

2016 Dramatic Duo Interpretation Showcase:

2016 Persuasive Speaking Showcase:

2016 Informative Speaking Showcase:

2016 Impromptu Speaking Showcase:

2016 Extemporaneous Speaking Showcase:

2016 Editorial Impromptu Showcase:

2016 Communication Analysis Showcase:

2016 After Dinner Speaking Finals:

2016 Pitch-it Finalists: Austin Allen:

2016 Pitch-it Finalists: Mikayle Jacquot:

2016 Pitch-it Finalists: Magnolia Cruz:

2016 Open Public Forum Debate Finals:

2016 Public Forum Debate Finals:

2016 Open Lincoln-Douglas Debate Finals:

2016 Open Parliamentary Debate Finals:

2013 National comprehensive Tournament:

2013 Student Scholarship Winner:

2013 Presidential Address, Jeffrey Stoppenhagen:

2012 National Tournament and Convention:

2012Open Public Forum Debate Finals:

2016 PKD Professional Development Conference:

2016 PKD Professional Development Conference: Part 1:

2016 PKD Professional Development Conference: Part 2:

2016 PKD Professional Development Conference: Part 3:

Boise State University:


Cameron University:

Northwest Missouri State University:

Ottawa University:

Southwest Baptist University:

William Carey University:



Centennial Tournament Footage:

Celebrating 100 years of Forensics: