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Pi Kappa Delta Hall of Fame Members

1987 Inductees


Georgia Bowman,
William Jewell

Theodore Karl,
Pacific Lutheran

Roy D. Mahaffey,
 Linfield College

Larry Norton,
Bradley University


John Shields,
Ottawa University


W. H. Veatch,
Washington State University


1989 Inductees


George Finley,
Colorado State University

D. J. Nabors,
 East Central State

Alfred Westfall,
Colorado A&M University


1991 Inductees


Roy Murphy,
Southwestern Louisiana University

Sylvester R. Toussaint,
Colorado State University


1993 Inductees

Charles T. Battin,
Puget Sound

Fred Goodwin,
Southeast Missouri State University

George McCarty,
South Dakota State University

Forrest Rose,
Southeast Missouri State University

Raymond Yeager,
Bowling Green State University

1995 Inductees

George R. R. Pflaum,

Emporia State University

Harvey Cromwell,
Mississippi College

1997 Inductees

Burno E. Jacob,
National Forensic League

James A. Grissinger,
Otterbein University


1999 Inductees

Carolyn Keefe
West Chester University

H. Vaughan,
Kansas State University


Grace Walsh,
Wisconsin-Eau Claire

Harold Widvey,
South Dakota State University


2001 Inductees

Bob R. Derryberry,

Southwest Baptist University

Ted Nelson,
St. Olaf College

Evan Ulrey,
Harding University


2003 Inductees


Glenn W. Capp,
Baylor University


John W. Randolph,
Westminister College

2005 Inductees


Tony Allison,
Cameron University

Gary Horn,
Ferris State University

R. David Ray,
University of Arkansas-Monticello

2007 Inductees


Robert Littlefield,
North Dakota State University


2009 Inductees

Terry Cole,

Appalachian State University

Cunera Van Emmerik,
Central College

2011 Inductees

Bill Hill,

University of North Carolina-Charlotte

2013 Inductees

Michael Bartanen,

Pacific Lutheran University

2015 Inductees


Joel Hefling,
South Dakota State University

Scott Jensen,
Webster University

2017 Inductees

Nina-Jo Moore,

Appalachian State University


Glenda Treadaway,
Appalachian State University


Susan Millsap

Otterbein University